WHM The Church

The Church

World Harvest Ministry (Apostolic) is a Holy Spirit led church situated in Birmingham, UK.  The church was established in 2010 and is primarily a house for Gods people,that through prayer and the use of spiritual gifts people are blessed ,Many of the congregation have great testimonies of what God has done for them through the ministry. It is a growing multi-cultural church heavily focused on seeking direction from the Holy Spirit and identifying and establishing individuals in their divine calling and purpose from the Lord. All are welcome to visit.

The Pastor

The church is pastored by Elder Barry Sinclair.Elder Sinclair,and his wife minister Valerie Sinclair first came to know the Lord in 1984 as a young man fresh out of the British Army. After dispensing with his dreadlocks and giving his life to Jesus Christ, he soon became a dynamic and anointed preacher. His walk with the Lord reached new heights when he spent a number of years in the USA. Whilst there he began to work in deliverance ministry and the Lord blessed him with the gifts of discernment, prayer and healing. He also developed the ability to deliver a prophetic word to individuals and the church. Upon his return to the UK Minister Sinclair held a number of outreaches in different areas of the country and also began pastoring.

Pastor Sinclair had previously received a vision from the Lord many years ago in which he saw a field of wheat which extended to the horizon as far as the eyes could see. The Lord then spoke to him and said that ‘it is world harvest ministry and the harvest is plentiful’. The wheat field represented the souls that were ready to be brought into the Kingdom at this time, and Pastor Sinclair set about this task with vigour, teaching and preaching about the Kingdom of Heaven and salvation through Jesus Christ. World Harvest Ministry church has come to fruition as a direct result of that vision, and many souls are now receiving deliverance and salvation through the power of the Holy Spirit operating in the ministry.